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November 2013

London seems to be having a love affair at the moment with “Dude Food” and while I completely respect the need for a decent hot dog or hamburger, it took me a few attempts to get into Bubbledogs because I’m just not a fan of a three hour wait for them. So when I stumbled onto Red Dog Sandwiches half empty at 9:30pm just off Hoxton Square, I’m fairly certain I did my embarrassing white girl happy dance. 

Of all the places that I ate in Morocco, I wanted to share with this blog my favourite: Dar Nejjarine. You won’t find Dar Nejjarine without help. To be honest, if I hadn’t been with two very bolshy New Zealand lads I doubt I would have followed the spruker from the main area through all the back alleys and side streets but, believe me, it’s worth it.