Sydney: Mary’s

I’m a bit late coming to the party on this one. But post-Christmas and desperate for something other than ham (I know you’re all shocked by admission but please pick yourselves up off the floor), a friend and I ventured for a decent burger and ended up at Mary’s Newtown.

For those of you who also missed the revolution, Mary’s is a dive bar on Mary Street, Newtown arguably serving some of the best burgers in Sydney. It’s an adjustment for the eyes coming in off the bright street and into the very dark space.




Unsurprisingly for a hipster bar in Newtown, it’s crowded but we managed to find a table not too far from the bar. It’s got two floors – the upstairs one feel like a viewing gallery – and the menu written across the wall. There aren’t any craft beers available so I settle back with a Peroni to think about what to eat.

Again, menu on the wall and it’s pretty simple. Mary’s Burger. Cheeseburger. Chicken. Everything is served with chips.

Braving the line for the bar again, we get two cheeseburgers and wait for the magic to unfold. It’s not too long before a waitress bring two baskets to our table and the burgers I’ve heard so much about are revealed.




I’ll be honest, it was disappointing. I was expecting a thick gorgeous patty, oozing juices, on a brioche bun with a good helping of salad and cheese. What I got was more like a MacDonald’s cheeseburger. It was on a sweet brioche bun but the patty was thin and dry. The cheese was very salty and there wasn’t any salad on the burger. Overall, it looked a little sad.

It did come with a nice pile to chips but again, it was salt overload and there was nothing else to them. They were fries.

All in all, Mary’s didn’t live up to hype. Perhaps I went in the wrong mind frame because I know there are people who will cross Sydney for these burgers. For me, Patty and Bun in St James St London is the burger I crave.


6 Mary Street

Newtown NSW 2042


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