Sydney: Tella Bar

I found myself on a Sunday at a family catch up in Dulwich Hill when my brother’s finance’ suggested that we check out the newly opened Tella Bar on the way home.

For those who haven’t heard about theĀ Nutella Ball milkshake, you must have been sitting under rock. These artery clogging milkshakes have been blowing up Instagram for the last few months and now, there’s a whole cafe dedicated to these awesome calorific shakes.

We arrive at the non-descript corner of New Canterbury Road. Well, it would have a been a non-descript corner except for the massive amount of people. When we arrive we’re asked if we’re eating in or taking away. Looking at the number of people milling around for a table, we’re decide to go take away. Still, we’re handed menus and asked to wait behind a red velvet rope (kind of like a night club).

Tella Bar

That’s right – we had to queue to queue to order.

Tella Bar

Tella Bar

When we finally got the front of the line to be told that the famous Tella Ball (the whole reason for this journey) was sold out. It didn’t matter to me, I’d chosen the Salted Caramel Tella Milkshake but my brothers were mighty disappointed. Order placed, we had a bit of a wander around.

I loved the quotes on the wall and I could definitely relate to some of them…

Tella Bar

(Please don’t ask me how Weight Watchers is going ahead of my best friend’s wedding).

Apart from the crazy ordering process, you can clearly see all the beautiful pastry selections from Tella Balls to Kronuts.

Tella Balls

There’s also homemade gelato (and you can chose to have a cone made of doughnut).

Tella Bar

And a crepe and waffle bar that you can clearly see into.

Tella Bar

But the wandering around soon attracted the attention of our resident host/bouncer who asked us to wait outside and they’d call our order. We shuffled out to wait under the shade of a tree and watched the line get longer… and longer… and longer…

Shortly, they ordered our first number (my youngest brother and I) and two Salty Caramel Tella Shakes appeared. Salty caramel milkshake topped off with doughnut filled with salted caramel (or a salted caramel tella ball).

Tella Bar

Tella Bar


The milkshake was delicious but incredibly sweet. It was so sweet that I actually ended up giving half of milkshake to my brother to finish off. The doughnut was soft and fluffy but again, the salted caramel was so sweet, I could really only eat half before I felt ill.

After 20 minutes, our other number still hadn’t been called so my brother went back to talk to the host/bouncer. After lots of talking to other people, the host/bouncer appeared with their order and we all piled back into the car.

To be honest, it was good but not worth the wait or the money. It was too sweet and too heavy for my liking. Sorry Tella Bar, I won’t be back soon.

Tella Bar

372 New Canterbury Road

Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

(No reservations)

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