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Back in Tokyo and, of course, lunch equals ramen. But this time we put a variation on a theme and went for burnt miso ramen. 

Gogyo Ramen is very unassuming in the bottom of a residential building. They’re very accommodating when a group of westerns walk-in and offer us a low table near the window. Like a lot of ramen bars in Tokyo, it’s pretty basic. Just a few table and chairs, a bar area and that’s it.

The menu is also incredibly simple. Burnt miso ramen or soy sauce ramen with a choice of pork, sprouts or cabbage and some gyoza. Unsurprisingly, most of us opt for the burnt miso ramen with pork and a few servings of gyoza. Simples.

Gogyo Ramen

Gogyo Ramen

It wasn’t before bibs and drinks we’re delivered and we were all ready to go!

Gogyo Ramen


The bowls of steaming ramen arrived quickly. It seriously did look like something was burnt in my bowl with little flecks of charcoal floating in the soup. The taste, however, was unreal.

Gogyo Ramen

Gogyo Ramen


The broth had a really deep and rich flavour. We did look up how they make burnt miso and apparently, they actually take the ramen paste and quite literally burn it (either in the oven or a wok) until it is black. If you’re keen, there’s also loads of recipes for burnt miso caramel which I’m dead keen to try next time I have a Japanese dinner party.

We also ordered gyoza, which were good, although you can probably find similar gyoza all over Japan so I won’t waste time raving about them. The only thing you need to know is this…

Gogyo Ramen


They say a picture says 1000 words.

There are three Gogyo Ramen in Tokyo but here are the details of the one we went to.


Gogyo Ramen

T: +81 3-5775-5566

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  • Nick Christelis
    4 years ago

    Hi Cat. I’m actually so glad I found this. I ate at this restaurant like every day for two weeks! I seriously have been searching forever to try and find the recipe . Could you help me please ?thanks so much!

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