Rome: Alfredo e Ada

I always feel embarrassed in Rome when I go to a tourist trap place for lunch. I always feel like I should know better. But sometimes, when you’re in a really touristy part of Rome around lunchtime, you feel like you have not choice. Unless you know about Alfredo e Ada. 

To be honest, this is going to be a very short post because there really isn’t that much to say. Alfredo e Ada is a small, family run restaurant right by the St Angelo Palace and where we’d spent the morning running around, pretending that we were part of the Borgias.

The restaurant is really inconspicuous and down a side street. Inside, it’s all dark wooden furniture and incredibly basic. Nothing here unless it’s absolutely needed. 
Alfredo e Ada

But there is some great personality on the walls.

Alfredo e Ada

(Pasta without wine is like a day without sun)

Alfredo e Ada

I believe that’s Alfredo and Ada in the middle there. The waitress was really friendly, quick to greet us and offer water and wine – as you do in the vatican area.

Alfredo e Ada

There’s no menu at Alfredo e Ada’s. Instead, the waitress tells you what they have (two antipasti, two paste, two mains, two sides, two desserts) and you can discuss with her what exactly what you’re after. After days of eating far too much, I opted for the really simple penne amatriciana.

We sat and gossiped (it’s great catching up with friends that you haven’t seen in ages) and could hear the waitress talking to the chef in the kitchen. Shortly after, two gorgeous plates of steaming pasta arrived.

For those don’t know, amatriciana is basically tomato pasta sauce with pancetta and chilli through it. Gosh, it was good. Almost exactly how my Nonna made it and well worth the discovery.

Alfredo e Ada

Alfredo e Ada

And that’s kind of it. Just like Alfredo e Ada’s – simple, no fuss, great food.

God I love Italy.

Alfredo e Ana (no website – far too old school for that)

Via dei Banchi Nuovi, 14,

00186 Roma, Italy

T: +39 06 687 8842

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