Rome: Meid in Nepols

If you’ve ever been to Rome, you’ll know that eating there can be a little bit hit or miss. There are some fantastic, authentic restaurants and then there are the tourist traps. We were staying near Roma Termini, which greatly increases the rate of miss. And after a full day of sight-seeing and walking around, we were both just in the mood for a quick and easy pizza.

Meid in Nepols two blocks back from Roma Termini. It’s on a relatively quiet street and if you were staying nearby, you probably won’t see it. Clearly, it was popular with the locals. We walked in and were told that it would be an hour wait for a table for two. We’d just had a nap so this didn’t bother us. We left our name and wandered off for a drink.

When we arrived back two hours later, we were quickly shown to a table. The restaurant was still heaving and it was 9pm!

The restaurant is pretty basic and I love that. Bare brick walls, tables without table cloths, paper placemats. The menu is full of simplicity as well. A simple list of great Italian pizzas.

Meid in Nepols

My go to is always the mushroom pizza so it was a pretty simple order. Two prosecco, pizza funghie salsiccia (that’s Italian sausage) , pizza margherita. Done. The drinks arrived really quickly and we cheers to an awesome Rome trip. The pizzas took a little longer but when they arrived, they looked fantastic…

Meid in Nepols

Meid in Nepols

It was a proper Napolese pizza. A thin crust but a little thicker and chewer at the edge covered with the perfect amount of cheese. The mushrooms and sausage were super yummy – and it was proper Italian sausage with fennel seeds through the meat. Perfect.

There’s not much left to say. If you’re looking for a good pizza near Roma Termini, you couldn’t get any better.

Meid a Napoli

Via Varese, 54

00185 Roma, Italy

T: +39 06 4470 4131



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