Sydney: Banksii

Now I’m starting to get more mobile again, I thought it was high time that I checked out Barangaroo and some of the awesome restaurants that are popping up down there.

I had a stack of business lunches to catch up on and having a taste for martinis, vermouth bar and restaurant Banksii was first on my list. If you haven’t been down to Barangaroo in a little while – boy, what a change. Among the construction work now there’s a bustling little string of restaurants in front of the water and on the corner, you’ll find Banksii.

Banksii has clean look and feel. It’s full of windows and the outside seating area is equally as big as the inside. Although they couldn’t find our reservation, I was quickly shown to an outside table.

Sydney Banksii

Banksii is a vermouth bar. If you haven’t heard of vermouth, it’s a fortified wine or more commonly known as the other ingredient in a martini. It does come in many flavours and it can be used instead of white wine when cooking. Anyway, I digress…

It would be rude not to start with a vermouth cocktail. After perusing the extensive drinks list, I chose a play on the traditional Spirtz which had bitter orange and a light vermouth. It was delicious and perfect on a muggy Sydney day.

Sydney: Banksii

Banksii is all about the small shared dishes and they offer a number of different value set menus. But given this was our first visit (and we were a little time poor) we went for one of Banksii’s suggestions – the $65pp menu.

Bread and butter was quickly served up

Sydney Banksii

Sydney Banksii

Followed by creamed macadamias with fried sage and currents (and little toasties to dip into it)

Sydney Banksii

It feels like creamed nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamias) is very on trend for Sydney right now – and I am loving it! It’s like a macadamia hummus. It’s smooth and creamy but I loved the addition of sage and currents. It cut through the creaminess and gave it a nice little crunch.

Next up was ocean trout rilette with red pepper and confit endive.

Sydney: Banksii

It was like a really chunky ocean trout pate. It was really creamy and delicious. There were nice big chunks of ocean trout but I was starting to get a little worried with all the bread I was eating…

Thankfully, a salad was our next dish with broad beans, pea shoots and goat cheese.

Sydney: Banksii

It was super light and refreshing with a olive oil and lemon juice dressing. It was also served at the same time as a prosciutto and grilled peaches dish, but that disappeared before I could take a photo.

The prosciutto was lovely, soft and salty and the grilled peaches were a perfect accompaniment – sweet with an awesome char on the outside.

Now, by this point, we were incredibly full and probably could have stopped eating. But if you considered these the “starters” of the small dishes, here comes the main.

Sydney: Banksii

Sydney: Banksii

The “main” dishes were half a roasted chicken with a yummy sweet and sour slaw on top and chilli broccolini (and fries – shoe string fries, mmmm).

The chicken was lovely and moist and I loved the sweet and sour slaw on the top. The broccolini was beautiful and crisp with a burst of chilli. Absolutely perfect!

I felt so bad that I could barely eat any of it since it was so yummy but it did make it into a doggy bag back to the office. I couldn’t believe the bill was so cheap at the end – this is most certainly a bargain.

If you haven’t yet, you should definitely check out what’s happening down at Barangaroo and in particular, Banksii.


33 Barangaroo Avenue

Barangaroo NSW 2000

T: +61 2 8072 7037

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