Sydney: Sticky Fingers

There are some things that I truly love when it comes to food: brunch, Asian, pulled pork.. and Sticky Fingers is definitely the world’s best discovery because it encompasses all three!

Sticky Fingers is located just off Oxfrod Street in Surry Hills. Funnily enough, it’s in the middle of high rise residential and there isn’t a lot of foot traffic. That said, it’s busy so clearly it’s got a following.

Sticky Fingers is pretty instagram worthy. Lots of warm wood, brass and polished concrete. It’s also got strong air conditioning and big black windows to the outside world, which is especially awesome given the heatwave.

Sydney: Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers is seriously like catnip to me. The menu is a combination of American BBQ (think pulled pork, mac n cheese) and Asian (think pandan, rice bowls). It’s exactly what I need this morning since I had a few too many drinks last night and am in desperate need of a hang over cure.

We get there just as breakfast is ending and lunch is starting so they let us order off both menus. Huzzah!

First up, the Pulled Pork Benedict (which is what Sticky Fingers is known for).

Sydney: Sticky Fingers

It was gorgeous and well worth being their signature dish. It was a cross between a burger and benedict I’d say…

The base was a beautiful potato bun rather than the English muffin topped with spinach and soft, slightly spicy pulled pork. It wasn’t an overly saucey, sticky BBQ pulled pork but still it had loads of flavour and the perfectly cooked eggs more than made up for the sauce.

It was topped with awesome Sirracha hollandaise sauce (which I wish they would bottle – it was that good) and crispy sweet potato crunchy bits.

Seriously, this is THE hang over cure.

The next dish we ordered was from the the lunch menu, the soft shell crab burger.

Sydney: Sticky Fingers

This wasn’t my dish so I was only allowed a few bites (but most of the chips) but the crab was beautifully seasoned and wonderfully crunchy. The slaw underneath it was super fresh and cut through the richness perfectly.

The menu said that this dish was served with sweet potato fries but they were out. We got regular fries instead. They did the job well though 🙂

We also ordered a dish for the table (so naughty, I know) in the order of the Mac n CHesse burger.

Sydney: Sticky Fingers

This, it had to be said, was both our favourite dish. The mac n cheese was deliciously creamy with a hint of chilli in it. The maple bacon was super sweet but worked so well against the heat and creaminess in the mac n cheese.

Really, it’s just a beautiful table. Just a shame I couldn’t fit it all in.

Sydney: Sticky Fingers

Fully restored after our delicious meal, we headed off into our Saturday. Huzzah! And Sticky Fingers is also on Deliveroo so I foresee some Sunday morning orders in our future…

Sticky Fingers

23 Pelican Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010

T: +61 2 8384 8535


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