Barcelona: Eldiset

Getting towards the end of our holiday, we moved to Barcelona where we can fly direct to Sydney. The man, being a lover of natural wines, had tracked down some amazing natural wine bars for us to try. Eldiset in hidden in the tiny, cobble stoned streets of El Born.  Once you find it, you won’t have a problem – the staff’s level of English is excellent and they have an English menu.

The bar itself is beautiful. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the amazing wine storage arch that divides the resturant.

Barcelona: Eldiset

There is a bar area in the front for walk-ins and a proper restaurant area out the back. Being slightly disorganised (not sure what time we’d get into Barcelona, how the ankle would hold up), we walked in but they were able to find us a table in the bar area.

The decor is beautiful. Lots of raw wood, which goes with the natural wine idea. There is an ice tube built into the bar and you can see the wines by the glass being poured from there. The lighting is very moody (read dark) but it makes for a romantic setting.

Barcelona: Eldiset

Most of the natural wines are available by the bottle and expecting a long-ish dinner, that’s what we went for. We went for a Nas del Gangante – which we think means Rabbit’s Nose in Catalan (?) – a lovely local red. It was definitely awesome and we actually bought a bottle home with us to Australia…

Barcelona: Eldiset

Barcelona: Eldiset

So with the wine poured, it was time to think about food. Eldiset is famous for its glass bread – an incredibly thin layered bread that is a little bit like a posh ryvita except SO much better.

Eldiset does a selection of glass bread with hot and cold toppings. Given the boy’s love of sardines, we picked a cold topping of sardines with kiwi fruit, feta and mung beans.

Barcelona: Eldiset

I’ve never had glass bread before but to tell you the truth, it was absolutely delicious. It was crunchy and delicate – a little bit chewy. Also, I’m normally not a fan of sardines or kiwi fruit but all together, it worked really well. The acidity of the kiwi cut through the saltiness of the sardines. The feta mustn’t have been very salty because it only added a smooth, creamy taste to the dish.

For a warm dish, we chose warm jarmon with brie and green apple. The jarmon and brie were just a little bit warmed through which made it rich and gooey and the apple on top made it really crunchy and sweet. I would definitely recommend the jarmon and brie for a more traditional take on flavours.

Barcelona: Eldiset

Next up, we ordered another traditional Spanish dish – empanadas. We ordered one beef and one halloumi and pea. Both were truly delicious. Barcelona: Eldiset

The pastry was delicious, thin and flakey. Inside, the beef was slow cooked and pulled apart rather than beef mince. It had a rich tomato sauce and was mouthwateringly good. The halloumi and pea was also really good. The halloumi was just going gooey and the peas added a little sweetness. Absolutely perfect.

Another tapas classic that we’d been craving was octopus which was served on a garlic mash potato with pea puree.

Barcelona: Eldiset

This was everything you could possibly want for a classic tapas dish. The octopus was lovely and soft. It was charred on the outside and covered in smokey paprika. Simply perfect.

The garlic mash potato and pea purée made for something a little different with it. The classic dish is normally served with potatoes to soak up the juices but with the garlic, it made a whole other part of the dish. The pea purée was also sweet and refreshing with the other heavy flavours on the dish.

Thoroughly stuffed, we still had one more thing to order… dessert. We went for a lime meringue pie. It came out looking as pretty as a flower.

It was delicious with Italian meringue on the top that was creamy and light with a gorgeous lime curd underneath that was really, really zesty. You definitely need both elements together to make sure that it didn’t totally overpower your mouth. But it finished the meal perfectly.

So now completely stuffed and a little bit tipsy from the gorgeous wine, we stumbled off into the Barcelona night.

Eldiset was definitely a good fine. The food was amazing – classic Spanish with a twist and the glass bread was a real highlight. The wine was also surperb. If you’re in town, it’s definitely worth a visit.


Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3

08003 Barcelona

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